Zodiaco - Immobiliare Stradivari


In the unique and intoxicating natural setting of Gallura, at Porto Pozzo stands the “Zodiaco” residence complex, split into distinct architectural sections. The first three buildings are called: “Acquario”, “Capricorno” and “Ariete” and consist, the first two of 21 apartments and the third of 18 apartments. All the dwelling units feature private gardens or spacious covered verandas to enjoy the sea breeze on summer evenings in total relaxation.

An exclusive and suggestive central swimming pool acts as a fulcrum for the complex and is surrounded by large green areas and a sun terrace.

The care for building and architectural details that has always distinguished our philosophy can also be found in this residence complex, which we consider to be our showpiece. Walkways in cotto, granite arches and capitals, “Sardinian earth” colours, chestnut wooden roofs and finely landscaped gardens all go to show how hard we try to create small and refined gems that fit harmoniously into the surrounding natural environment.

Just over 250 m from the small marina of Porto Pozzo, the “Zodiaco” residence complex stands in a strategic position for anyone owning a small boat – the splendid Maddalena Archipelago is only 20 minutes away!

Various units are available with breathtaking views!

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