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Porto Pozzo


Porto Pozzo is a neighbourhood of Santa Teresa Gallura, just 12 km from the main town. Located in one of the largest natural coves of the Sardinian coast, it is the closest berthing to the Maddalena Archipelago National Park, with its over 60 islands and rocks of granite and schist, among which the island of Spargi, with its famous Cala Corsara, located directly opposite the mouth of the Porto Pozzo fjord, which can also be reached by rubber dinghy.

Shops, chemist’s, small restaurants and bar, equipped quays with electricity and water, make this small fisherman’s village with its traditional atmosphere a holiday destination offering all amenities, including for boating enthusiasts, without losing that feeling of peace and quiet that only small towns are able to provide.

In the stretch of sea protected by the island of Coluccia, Homer had Ulysses land; it was here that the hero met the Lestrigons, a proud race of shepherds and farmers intimately tied to this wild land. For this reason, the natural fjord of Porto Pozzo is also known as“Ulysses’ Bay”.

The pristine natural surroundings, the splendid sea beds, a mixture of Sardinian rocks and perfectly white sand, the crystal-clear sea, the mild climate, even in winter, make this corner of Sardinia a real Paradise!


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